Security Management in Organizations

In the corporate world, various aspects of security were historically addressed separately - notably by distinct and often non-communicating departments for computer security, physical security, and fraud prevention.

Today there is a greater recognition of the interconnected nature of security requirements, an approach variously known as holistic security, "all hazards" management, and other terms.

Inciting factors in the convergence of security disciplines include the development of digital video surveillance technologies (see Professional video over IP) and the digitization and networking of physical control systems (see SCADA).

Greater interdisciplinary cooperation is further evidenced by the February 2005 creation of the Alliance for Enterprise Security Risk Management, a joint venture including leading associations in security (ASIS), information security (ISSA, the Information Systems Security Association), and IT audit (ISACA, the Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

In 2007 the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) released ISO 28000 - Security Management Systems for the supply chain. Although the title supply chain is included, this Standard specifies the requirements for a security management system, including those aspects critical to security assurance for any organisation or enterprise wishing to management the security of the organisation and its activities. ISO 28000 is the foremost risk based security system and is suitable for managing both public and private regulatory security, customs and industry based security schemes and requirements.


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Business Security

New Zealand Security Association

The New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) is the industry representative body for the security industry.







Business Security

Intellia provides management consulting services only, and does not provide security services or security products itself, beyond the professional advice and referral services that are part of the consulting role.

Security for business can be examined from the viewpoint of corporate security. Core elements of Corporate Security are:

To assist in helping a business achieve corporate security, a company may engage with diverse third party firms, that will help it implement, maintain or develop aspects of corporate security.

The professional roles and services the company could engage with include:

Security firms often understand how to take care of the immediate and most tangible security needs of business. Even without the need to enroll their ongoing services, security firms often can provide a good initial assessment of the businesses security needs. Security firms offer a wide range of security and security-related services:

  • Security Consulting
  • Mandatory Security Obligations
  • Security Planning
  • Security Law Awareness
  • Security Awareness: Roles & Responsibilities
  • Security Procedures
  • Security Signage
  • Security Calls
  • Secure Maintenance Patrols
  • Monitoring Remote
  • Monitoring Patrols
  • Security Inspections
  • Exception Management
  • Crisis Event Response Management
  • Personal Security
  • Meeting Security
  • Event Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Parking Security
  • Lobby Security
  • Doorman Venue Security
  • Retail Security



  • On Site Building and Grounds Security
  • Public Transport Passenger Security
  • Street Security
  • Airport Arrival / Departure Security
  • Cargo Transport Security
  • Records and Document Management
  • Noise Control (local bylaws enforcement)
  • Security Assets and Resources Management
  • Security Systems Design
  • Security Verification Audits
  • Referral to Security Training Providers
  • Referral to Security Product Vendors
  • Referral to Security Hardware Suppliers
  • Referral to Private Investigation Firms
  • Referral to Specialist Firms