Research Endorsement:

"I complement you on a most impressive example of qualitative research. Your report is indicative of an extra-ordinary depth of knowledge of the subject, which has occupied a succession of working groups and experts for as long as I can remember. It also found renewed expression at our recent Small Business Summit."

My best wishes,"

Ralph Penning

Independent Business Foundation of New Zealand

Corporate Administrator
Association Executive
Senior Advisory Trustee
NZIM Accredited Management Mentor

North Shore City, Auckland




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Qualitative Research Methods in Information Systems www.qual.auckland.ac.nz

Journal of Business Research Methods www.ejbrm.com

Technology Business Research Inc www.tbri.com







When we embark on a new research project, the first step we take is to define the research mission and purpose. Then we draw up the appropriate design for the research, including the research methods to be used during the research process.

The research process encompasses the methods of inquiry, investigation, examination, and experimentation.

The research findings and resulting conclusions are reported in a research report, that form the core of our business research service.

We have the technology for business research, our staff is fully resource and skilled to engage in a wide range of research activities.

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