Requirements need to be precisely defined before a suitable business solution can be designed

Software requirements engineering can be considered as the process by which the features of software systems as perceived by the user are established.

Software systems are destined to be embedded into organizational settings, which impose constraints on performance and operational characteristics.

Determining how the software should behave within those constraints requires a thorough understanding of the software functionalities, its attributes, the complexity of the interaction between them, and its interaction with the user environment.

The primary source of information is the user. However it is often the case that users inadequately elicit software requirements and in a form inappropriate to the software developers.

Software requirements have to be established by an iterative refinement process of elicitation, analysis, modelling and representation.

Arriving at a shared vision of the product to be developed is one of the greatest challenges facing the software project team, and customer involvement is among the most critical factors in software quality.

An important but intractable issue is that of knowledge representation and management, and specially domain knowledge.

Requirements Engineering Services

Software Requirements Engineering

Requirements Elicitation

Requirements Analysis

Requirements Engineering

Requirements Documentation

Requirements Validation and Testing

Modelling of proposed new System

Modelling of Use Case Scenarios

Prototyping Systems based on Requirements Specifications.


Requirements Engineering:

Requirements Analysis & Design processimprovement.com

Requirements Engineering Journal www.springerlink.com

Software Engineering Body of Knowledge www.swebok.org


Requirements Engineering

Software requirements engineering is the process of determining what is to be produced in a software system. It has the widely recognized goal of determining the needs for, and the intended external behavior, of a system design.

This process is regarded as one of the most important parts of building a software system.

The main phases in software requirements engineering are:

  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Specification
  • Requirements Validation


Requirements Engineering

  • Project Initiation

  • Modelling Use Cases

  • Gathering Requirements

  • Prototyping Requirements

  • Scenarios

  • Functional Requirements

  • Nonfunctional Requirement

  • Fit Criteria

  • Writing Requirements

  • Quality Control of Requirements

  • Reusing Requirements

  • Reviewing Requirements Specification

  • Requirements Tools

  • Estimating project size and requirements work costs

  • Stakeholder Management




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