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Management is the process of organizing and directing human and physical resources within an organization so as to meet defined objectives.

The purpose of management and leadership is to provide direction, facilitate change, and achieve results, through the efficient, creative and responsible use of resources.

Management touches on a wide range of subjects and there are many management specialty areas.



Business Philosophy, Ethics and Responsibility

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Organization Design

Capital Management

Supervisory Management

Small Business Management

General Management

Supply Chain Management

Services Management

Management of Front Office Operations

Office Management and Administration

Management of Computer Operations

Management of Software Development (various classes of software)

Strategic Planning, Design and Management of Information Systems

Management of Artificial Intelligence Systems

Managerial Accounting

Managerial Economics

Marketing Management

Managerial Finance

Bank Management and Financial Services

Personnel Management

Human Resource Management

Operations Management

Project Management

Quality Management

Product Management

Strategic Management

Organizational Development

Organizational Behaviour

Applied Management

Management of Technology

International Business Management

Consulting Management

Management Research