I.T. Project Management Competencies


Product Development

Assessing processes

Awareness of process standards

Defining the product

Evaluating alternative processes

Managing requirements

Managing subcontractors

Performing the initial assessment

Selecting methods and tools

Tailoring processes

Tracking product quality

Understanding development activities


Project Management

Building a work breakdown Structure

Documenting plans

Estimating cost

Estimating effort

Managing risks

Monitoring development


Selecting metrics

Selecting project management tools

Tracking project progress

Project Management Services

Project Design and Planning

I.T. Project Management

Software Development Project Management

Quality Assurance


Project Management:

Project Management Institute

International Function Point User Group


Project Management | Software

Intellia - Software - Project Management
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Project Management for Software Development

Project Management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the production of a system.

I.T. Project Management

  • Project Management Processes

  • Selecting Software Development Life Cycles

  • Managing Domain Processes

  • Selecting a Project Team

  • Defining the Goal and Scope of the I.T. Project

  • Creating the Work Breakdown Structure

  • Identifying the Tasks and Activities

  • Software Size and Reuse Estimating

  • Estimating Duration and Cost

  • Assigning Resources

  • Choosing an Organizational Form

  • Considering Dependencies

  • Scheduling the Work

  • Eliciting Requirements

  • Developing the Software Requirements Specification

  • Determining Project Risks

  • Introduction to Software Engineering

  • Reliability

  • Software Metrics

  • Analysis and Design Methods

  • Validation and Verification

  • Tools, Methods, Processes
  • Project Tracking and Control
  • Continuous Process Improvement

  • Project Termination

  • Post-Performance Analysis

  • Reporting and Communicating

  • Software Quality Assurance

  • Software Configuration Management

  • Legal Issues in Software

  • Creating the Business Plan

  • Understanding Systems Engineering

  • Distance Project Management

  • Project Artifact Templates

  • Joint Application Design