I.T. and Enterprise Integration Services

Transformational Leadership

Enterprise Resource Planning

Technological Integration

Organizational Integration

I.T. and I.S. Governance

Applied Management of I.T. and I.S Integration

Integrating I.T. and Enterprise

Technology needs to be integrated into the organization before it can be used effectively and supply the productivity owners require of their technology investment.

Integrating I.T. and Enterprise is about how to integrate, deploy and employ technology to best achieve company goals.

Technology by itself does not provide returns, it is through the proper integration and use of technology that a company can distinguish itself in the competitive marketplace.

To prepare the enterprise to be able to effectively use technology, the company needs to manage the processes of integrating the technology in the enterprise.

Integrating I.T. and Enterprise

  • Transformational Leadership in Business and Industry
  • Design Philosophy of I.T. and I.S.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Assessment
  • Information Systems Research
  • Technology Assessment
  • Values Assessments
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Integrating Personnel, Business Functions, Processes, and Actions
  • Managing Political, Cultural, and Social Dynamics
  • I.T. and I.S. Governance
  • Integrating I.T. and I.S. into the Enterprise
  • Managing Service Delivery Quality