Database Design Features

The physical programming of a database requires programming individual database design features.

Below is a list of common components that must or may be programmed to build a database.

Database Tables

Database Queries

Database Forms

Database Graphs

Database Reports

Database Security

Database Switchboard

Database Online

Database Development Services

Database Design

Database Development

Database Customisation

Database Integration with other Systems, Databases, Spreadsheets, Text Files, and or Application Software, and or Enterprise Information Systems (i.e. SAP).

Documentation, User Manuals, Training Video, Management and User Policies and Procedures


We can program databases using:

We can 'wrap' databases into stand-alone software applications, that can be run on almost operating platforms.


Database Prototypes
Sales Reports Database
This database 'reports' only, it is linked to spreadsheets that contain dozens of columns and hundreds of thousands of records in rows. The database links to the SAP produced spreadsheets and contains 32 queries that produce 204 unique reports based on the spreadsheet data.

Sales Reports Database
The spreadsheets are updated in real-time through SAP, and the database is reflecting the changes and / or added records in its sales reports. The system allows for easy previewing and archiving of reports through one-click button driven report export functions, as well as report previews.  

Database Design and Development

Database design is the process of producing a detailed business and data model for database development. Database development is the physical construction of the database, according to design specifications.

A business analysis should be conducted before a new database is designed or before an existing database is customized. A business analysis is followed by requirements engineering which will produce the requirements specifications that are needed for database design. A database design is part of information engineering which is "to enhance business communication throughout an enterprise enabling it to develop people, procedures and systems to achieve its vision."

Database design is part of software modelling which presents this design, on various levels of business understandings, and which also provides the detailed technical level of the logical data model which contains the exact specifications on how to physically program the database (database development).

Databases can be designed and developed using a choice of software tools and programming languages. At first prototypes are created that may then be changed, refined, or extended to fit the clients requirements more closely. It is quite common that new requirements emerge once the client has the opportunity to purview and or use the initial prototype. Prototyping enables the client and management consultant to become more aware of what design choices they would like and can incorporate in the database design. In effect this is encompassed in the chosen software development life cycle methodology, which in turn is a qualified choice depending on the business case and software application to be programmed.

Database Design and Development Documentation Templates
Data Dictionary Catalogue Template   Download >>
Data Dictionary Data Element Template   Download >>
Data Normalisation Template   Download >>
Data Store Template   Download >>
Data Structure Template   Download >>
Systems Outline Template   Download >>
Program Specifications Template   Download >>
Work Scope (Context Diagram) Sample   View Sample >>
Business Event Use CaseTemplate   Download >>
Product Use Case (Scenario) Template   Download >>
Activity Diagram (Use Case) Sample   View Sample >>
Requirements Shell Template   Download >>
Business Rules Template   Download >>
Non Functional Requirements Template   Download >>
Entity Relationship Diagram Sample   View Sample >>
Data Flow Diagram Sample   View Sample >>
Pseudo Code Dictionary Template   Download >>

Project Example: Corporate Sales Reports Software

  Project: Design and develop national sales reports software for corporate division department of a Fortune 500 corporation.
Sales SAP to Microsoft: Reports Database

Project Requirements Fulfilled

  • Software creates database reports to present intelligent sales reports for corporate division national sales management and board of directors
  • Software integrates with SAP spreadsheets
  • Software produces weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual reports
  • Database reports, report data source, reports by criteria, report queries, report calculated data, report statistics, report analysed data, report presentation, report output
  • Database reports, management and executive reports
  • Database interfaces to access over 500 distinct reports
  • Database workable and robust in operating environment, imports and processes 500,000 transactions to be the basis of reports.
  • Database security, reports security, user access, reports secure output and presentation
  • Database with good usabilty, very user friendly for senior management and senior sales officers
  • Software user manual and training materials included
  • Software installations for management, branches, offices, and nationwide sales agents
  • Software licenses.