Management and Commercial Law

The legal system is part of the environmental framework for all business activity. New demands are placed on business as governments expect greater responsibility by organizations for legal compliance in their workplace and operations.

The management implication is that business must identify new legal standards as the law changes and determine suitable policies and practices for meeting those legal requirements - for example, in workplace safety, privacy and consumer transactions and fair-trading.

The need to understand the impact of law on commercial activities and to design, implement and audit programs to ensure business compliance, has increased dramatically.

Intellia Ltd is not a professional law firm However, we can help with identifying legal issues, provide information on law, help with contracts and legal documents and give limited advice on matters of law, - before you or your company may decide to engage the full professional services of a qualified and experienced law firm.


Commercial and Business Law Services

Basic advice on Commercial Law.

Application of legal principles to business scenarios.

Interpretation of legal situations in relation to New Zealand law.Law research and analysis of applicable legal precedents.

Basic legal support and advice.

Development of proprietary legal documents and forms.

Formulation and Development of Contracts.

Analysis of Contracts.


Commercial Law Online:

New Zealand Legislation

The New Zealand Law Society

The New Zealand Law Report

Commercial Law

Commercial law is the body of law which governs business and commerce. Commercial law applies to the rights, relations and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commercial relationships.

Commercial law covers all the core areas of general commercial practice, including agency and distribution agreements, sale and supply of goods and services, international sales contracts; credit and security, bills of exchange, competition law, hiring practices, intellectual property law and commercial contracts including specimen sets of terms of sale and purchase.


Commercial and Business Law