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Technology Portfolio Auditing | Software    

Technology Portfolio Auditing

Technology Portfolio Auditing | Software

Main Features:

An integrated Technology Portfolio Management and Technology Auditing Application.



Technology Portfolio Auditing | Software by Intellia Limited

Technology Portfolio Auditing | Software by Intellia Limited

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Technology Portfolio Auditing Software  

This software is designed to help manage and audit the technology portfolio of the organization.

Technology management is a set of management disciplines that enables organizations to better manage their business and technology portfolio.

Technology portfolio auditing focuses on recognizing, maintaining, finding and developing technologies and technological assets for the organization. It helps managers to understand and value, both the business and the technology in terms of the past, present and future.

This software is designed to provide managers and auditors with a rational process for the management of technology and the auditing of technology.

The software is an integrated business application that logs and tracks vital data from managers, committees, and executives.


The software automatically calculates matrix results based on user input, and it provides other automated features which are practical and user friendly.

The software contains the following functions and features:

  • Organization Inventory
  • Technology Inventory
  • Technology Type Analysis
  • Value Chain and Technology Analysis
  • Supply Chain and Technology Analysis
  • BCG Matrix (market growth x market share)
  • TSI Matrix (technology planning x management strategy)
  • Management Resource Matrix (benefit levels x business resources)
  • BLM Matrix (organization level x benefit level)
  • BT Matrix (business strategy x technology strategy)
  • Portfolio Technique Matrix (technology position x life cycle stage x competitor position)
  • Ansoff Matrix (markets x products and services)
  • Technology Portfolio Management: Technology Planning, Technology Transfer, and Research and Development.
  • Technology, Projects, and Management.
  • TR Matrix (technology risk x investment risk)
  • Cash-flow return on technology investment
  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Payback Period
  • Business, Technology, Audit Participants, Audit Dates.
  • Forms and Templates
  • Management Reports
  • Auditor Reports.





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