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Technology Audit Model | Software    

Technology Audit Model

Technology Audit Model | Software

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Technology Audit Model Main Form | Technology Audit Model Forms | Technology Audit Model Reports | Technology Audit Model Explained | User Manual.

To be able to use this software product you may need to install the Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime program.




Technology Audit Model | Software by Intellia Limited

Technology Audit Model | Software by Intellia Limited

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Technology Audit Model Software

The Technology Audit Model software enables you to determine your organisations technology and to assess the firms management of technology. The software package is designed to help you:
  • to determine the firms current technological status
  • to identify and target business opportunities
  • to assess the firms management of technology
  • to improve the firms technology management capabilities
  • to audit 43 technology management assessment elements
  • to audit 22 technology management assessment areas
  • to audit 6 categories of technology management
    • corporate environment
    • technologies categorization
    • markets and competitors
    • innovation process
    • value-added functions
    • acquisition use and protection of technology
  • to quantitatively evaluate the technology audit
  • to provide a scoring system to measure progress
  • to benchmark the firm with competitors
  • to be a tool for continuous improvement
  • to be an instrument for technology planning
  • to record the technology audit
  • to report the technology audit
Performing a technology audit can be a demanding and complex process. The technology audit model software will make it easy and convenient for you to perform technology audits, and to record and report your technology audit. Technology audits are a vital function, to help the firm improve its management of technology.



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