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Strategic Management Planning | Software    

Strategic Management Planning

Strategic Management Planning | Software

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Intellia - Software - Strategic Management Planning Software

Strategic Management Planning | Software by Intellia Limited

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Strategic Management Planning Software

The Strategic Management Planning software is designed to be an accurate, complex and hierarchically structured high-value strategic management planning tool to be used to develop and deliver strategic management planning to the organisation. The software encompasses and supports strategic management considerations:
  • to document the companies strategic management planning
  • to determine the companies mission
  • to identify the companies goals
  • to provide a strategic framework
  • to develop a strategic plan
  • to develop a business strategy
  • to analyze the strategic environment
  • to develop business processes
  • to develop the firm's value-chain
  • to analyze the firm's portfolio
  • to identify objectives and reporting measures
  • to design, measure and report balanced score cards
  • to design, measure and report critical success factors
  • to design, measure, and report key performance indicators
  • to design, measure, and report SWOT analysis
  • to identify and track requirements and requirements fulfillment
  • to identify and report on services
  • to identiry and report on projects
  • to maintain a strategic diary including minutes of meetings
  • to provide an analysis of the strategic value that qualifies the strategic plan
  • to provide a review and assessment of strategic mangement plans
  • to record strategic reflections and future considerations



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