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Sales Branch Sales Analysis | Software    

Sales Branch Sales Analysis

Sales Branch Sales Analysis | Software

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Sales Branch Sales Analysis | Software by Intellia Limited

Sales Branch Sales Analysis | Software by Intellia Limited

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Sales Branch Sales Analysis Software  

This software is designed to provide a basic sales branch analysis of sales data. A sales branch is a store set up by a manufacturer to facilitate sales of manufactured products.

The software records the sales branch data. From there this data can be easily organized and viewed according to its business aspects.

The branch data can also be viewed using a variety of information graphics, such as bar charts, line charts, pie charts and scatter diagrams.


The sales branch and sales analysis program provides reporting features to generate business reports for the sales branch. branch products, branch sales, and branch customers.

Based on this data the program also provides for the creation of a basic marketing analysis, and branch sales and product sales forecasts.

The software is especially useful for manufacturers that need to manage multiple sales branches and report this data to the manufacturers head office.


The sales branch analysiss software includes features for:

  • recording of branch specific data, including sales data
  • analyses of branch data
  • graphical display of data
  • branch marketing analysis
  • branch sales forecasts
  • product sales forecasts
  • producing a variety of sales branch reports



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