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Room Reservation Management | Software

Room Reservation Management

Room Reservation Management | Software

Main Features:

Customers | Booking Sheet | Room Reservations | Room Details | Customer Arrivals and Departures | Customer Purchases | Room Service | Room Maintenance | Room Accounts | Customer Accounts | Management Reports

Room Reservation Management | Software by Intellia Ltd

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Room Reservation Management Software

This software is designed to manage a room reservation and customer purchases ticketing system. The software is useful for hotel, motel, and other businesses where rooms are booked and customers are invoiced for the room, services, consumption and duration of stay.

The program provides features for room reservations management. It maintains a room booking sheet, it captures customer details, room details, customer reservations, customer arrivals and departures, room service, room maintenance, and customer consumption and room service purchases which are added to the room reservation bill.

The program maintains room rates, room service rates, it maintains room service lists, product lists, product inventory, and customer credit limits.

Customer credit is managed according to credit limits set by management and customer categories i.e. corporate guests or repeat guests for instance.

The program also has a feature to block rooms from being reserved, for the purpose of interior decorating, or repairs for instance.

Room bookings are easily viewed using the calendar interface for customer bookings data.

The room reservation and purchases ticketing software allows you to:

  • maintain booking sheet
  • manage room reservations
  • manage room details
  • manage customers
  • manage customer arrivals and departures
  • manage customers purchases
  • manage room service
  • manage room maintenance
  • process room and customer accounts
  • view calendar of historical and prebookings data
  • produce a wide range of management reports



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