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Landlord's Rental Property Management | Software    

Landlord's Rental Property Management

Rental Property Management | Software

Main Features:

Landlord | Property | Property Details | Property Accounts | Tenants | Tenants Details | Tenants Accounts | Property Inspections | Property Maintenance | Agents | Insurances | Lawyers | Courts | Council | Contractors | Incident Reports | Property Inspection Reports | Requirements | Rent Account Reports | Property Reports | Advertising | Forms |Correspondences

Rental Property Management | Software by Intellia Limited

Rental Property Management | Software by Intellia Limited

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Rental Property Management Software  

The software is designed to enable landlords to maintain a software based adminstration system to assist with rental property management.

The program manages the data pertaining to rental properties, the landlord and tenants relationships, the landlords relationships with real estate agents, property inspectors, insurance agents, lawyers, debt collectors, and city council.

The program also maintains records on rental property advertising, and vital landlord correspondences relating to the rental properties, tenants, or any third parties the landlord corresponds with, like builders or interior decorators that perform work based on the landlord's requirements.


The softwares features assist landlord's with the rental property management tasks to:

  • maintain property records
  • maintain tenant details and tenant rent accounts
  • maintain property insurance records
  • maintain agents records
  • maintain lawyer records
  • maintain court records
  • maintain contractor records for builders, decorators, debt collectors, property inspectors, maintenance contractors like lawn mowing or cleaning contractors.
  • maintain council records
  • manage rental properties
  • manage tenants
  • manage rental property inspections
  • manage insurances
  • manage legal cases
  • manage city council compliance needs
  • manage property maintenance
  • manage requirements for property upgrades, repairs, and maintenance
  • manage advertising
  • manage correspondences
  • produce tenant reports
  • produce property, rent and tenant account reports
  • produce property reports
  • produce inspection reports
  • produce incident reports
  • maintain records of all relevant landlord inbound and outbound correspondences
  • maintain common landlord forms and templates.



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