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Psychometric Testing for Organizations | Software

Organizational Behaviour | A Toolbox of Self-Assessment Tests

Psychometric Testing for Organizations | Software

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Company | Psychometric Test Subjects | Analysis of Psychometric Requirements | Description of Tests | Use and Purpose of Tests | Psychometric Tests | Psychometric Test Scores | Psychometric Test Reports | Psychometric Evaluation | Development Guidance | Psychometric Review.

Intellia - Software - Psychometric Testing Software

Psychometric Testing for Organizations | Software by Intellia Limited

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Psychometric Testing
A Toolbox of Self-Assessment Tests

This software package contains a wide range of scientific self-evaluation instruments from respected sources for the assessment and evaluation of organizational behaviour and the design of psychometric tests. The series of 27 psychometric tests measure the important dynamics of individuals, groups, and organisations.

The software contains 27 psychometric tests that can be administered to test participants. The tests are automatically scored and evaluated by the software, which may also provide recommendations based on the score results of tests and participants. A detailed summary report of all the tests the participant has completed is provided for each user.

In addition the software contains 31 organisational behavioural models that are useful to provide an understanding of the psychometric tests, organizational behaviour and organizational development. All tests and models are supplied with expert explanations as to their background, use, and applicability.
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