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Project Management | Software    

Project Management

Project Management | Software

Main Features:

Project Management | Projects | Tasks | Milestones | Project Coordination | Project Members | Project Expenses | Project Budget | Project Plan | Project Schedule | Project Measures | Project Resources | Project Risks | Project Management Reports.

Intellia - Software - Project Management Software

Project Management | Software by Intellia Limited

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Project Management Software

The Project Management software is designed to be of assistance in project management. Project management features included in the software are:
  • to identify projects and to design project plans
  • to assign project management to project manager
  • to document and maintain project plans
  • to track project management
  • to track and administer projects
  • to track and log project tasks
  • to coordinate management, projects, personnel and resources
  • to design, record and administer project plan
  • to log and administer project schedules
  • to identify and measure project measures
  • to maintain project milestones
  • to maintain project deadlines
  • to administer and maintain project budget
  • to identify and manage project risks
  • to provide project management reports


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