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Mail Order Sales and Mail Order Fulfillment | Software    

Mail Order Sales and Mail Order Fulfillment

Mail Order Sales | Software

Main Features:

Supplier | Mail Order Sales Channel | Mail Order Store | Store Product | Customer | Order Item | Purchase Order | Delivery Method | Payment | Invoice | Mail Order | Warehouse | Inventory | Order Fulfillment | Packaging | Delivery Method | Delivery Company | Mail Order Delivery | Delivery Receipt | Delivery Statement | Sales Returns | Inventory Stock Month | Customer Statement | Mail Order Reports.

Mail Order Sales and Mail Order Fulfillment | Software by Intellia Limited

Mail Order Sales and Mail Order Fulfillment | Software by Intellia Limited

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Mail Order Sales and Mail Order Fulfillment Software  

This software is designed to operate a mail order business and manage the mail order sales and mail order fulfillment functions.

The program integrates supplier, sales channel, mail order store, customer, warehouse, inventory, packaging, dispatch, delivery, accounts, and mail order reports.

The merchant uses sales channels to provide access to the mail order store. The mail order store receives customer mail orders and customer payments.

Merchant customer payments are sent to suppliers along with the customer mail orders. Suppliers send mail orders to applicable supplier warehouses for mail order fulfillment.

Mail orders are packaged for delivery. Mail order packages are placed with documentation for dispatch to be transferred to delivery companies. Delivery companies deliver mail orders to


customers and receive delivery receipts which are sent to suppliers and merchants. Mail order sales returns are processed by suppliers, and merchants, and warehouses.

The warehouse manages its inventory to fulfil customer orders. The supplier informs merchants of available inventory levels and merchants advertise product availability and purchasable quantities through the mail order store. Customers may decide to place orders through catalogues, online stores, or advertisements.

Customers may contact the mail order business by telephone, e-mail, e-commerce, or postal mail.

Customer payments may include online payment services, credit card payments, bank transfer, or cheque payment. The merchant issues receipts to customers when payment is processed.


To help manage the mail order business the program produces inventory statements, delivery statements, customer statements and mail order reports.

The software features:

  • Merchants
  • Suppliers
  • Sales Channels
  • Mail Order Stores
  • Mail Order Store Products
  • Mail Order Acceptance
  • Customer Mail Orders
  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer Payments
  • Customer Receipts
  • Warehouse Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Packaging & Documents
  • Dispatch & Dockets
  • Deliveries & Delivery Receipts
  • Mail Order Sales Returns
  • Delivery Statements
  • Inventory Statements
  • Customer Statements
  • Mail Order Reports



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