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Farm Production Management | Software    

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Farm Production Management

Farmers Journal: Farm Production Management | Software

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Farm Production Management | Software by Intellia Limited

Farm Production Management | Software by Intellia Limited

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Farm Production Management Software  

This software program is designed to help manage a productive farm. The software maintains the most vital operational, management and administrative details of farms.

These include information on fields*, seeds, planting, crops, harvest yield, harvest storage, harvest sales, purchase orders, pastures, pasture management, farm animal stock, stock feeds, stock condition, stock management, stock yield, stock yard, stock sales, stock inbound purchases.


In addition to detailed information on field management, lifestock management, and farming administration; the software includes more features.

The program can be used to record harvest storage, storage inventory movements, equipment inventory, resources inventory for fertilizers, pesticides, animal drenches, feed supplements, and features to record farm issues like disease, pollution, flood, drought and others.


The software also maintains details on purchases and sales, as well as markets and buyers to record the basic financial transactions of a farming enterprise. This source accounting data can be included as accounting journals of a wider farm accounting system, through easy find, save, export, and report and print out functions.

*The software does not support integrated GPS and Mapping features.




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