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Consultancy Management | Software    

Consultancy Management

Consultancy Management | Software

Main Features:

Client Enquiries | Client Details | Estimates | Acceptances | Consullting Contracts | Consultancy Accounting and Customer Invoices | Client Accounts | Supplier Details | Supplier Accounts | Contractor Accounts | Sales Accounts | Expense Accounts | Consulting Cases | Staff Assignments | Correspondences | Advertising.


Consultancy Management | Software by Intellia Limited

Consultancy Management | Software by Intellia Limited

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Consultancy Management Software  

This software program is designed to help support the main and most basic administrative functions of a consultancy office.

The program comes with many features to manage the basics of administration of a consulting office. Consultants sometimes require market information and refer to third-party suppliers.

Consulting on contract demands careful management of the consulting case, including staff assignments, records and document management, including correspondences, to satisfy client requirements.


The program supports office administration functions for consulting businesses.

  • client enquiries
  • client information
  • market information
  • estimates
  • acceptances
  • consulting contracts
  • consultancy accounting
    • client
    • supplier
    • contractor
    • sales
    • expenses
  • consulting client cases
  • staff assignments
  • correspondences
  • advertising



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