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Business Compliance Management | Software    

Business Compliance Management

Business Compliance Management | Software

Main Features:

Business Legislation | Sections of Business Legislation | Business Compliances | Business Compliance Forms | Business Compliance Management | Business Compliance Management Details | Business Compliance Reports.

Intellia - Software - Business Compliance Management Software

Business Compliance Management | Software by Intellia Limited

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Business Compliance Management Software

This software package is designed to help your organization become compliant with business legislation and business regulations.

The software contains the necessary information as to legislation and regulations that businesses need to comply with; it also contains compliance resources like many of the forms, checksheets, guides, templates and documents that need to be followed up and managed, for internal business use as well as compliance reporting to local authorities and government ministries, departments, and agencies.

Business compliance management is facillitated by the softwares special features:
  • to document business legislation (in detail)
  • to document business regulations (in detail)
  • to document business compliance obligations (in detail)
  • to provide access to compliance resources, like forms, checksheets and templates
  • to provide the firm with a comprehensive business compliance management plan
    • the what, why, who, when, where, and how of discharging compliance obligations
    • the evaluation of the businesses abilitty to fulfilll its compliance obligations
    • progress reports on the businesses achievement of compliance fulfillment
  • to document compliance inspections
  • repository of compliance achievements like compliance certificates and permits.
  • to report on business compliance management



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