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Balanced Scorecard | Software    

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard | Software

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Business | Business Strategy | Management System | Business Area | Performance Measures | Balanced Scorecards | Performance Measurement | Actions | Targets | Goals | Performance Reports | Performance Management Reports | Strategic Management Reports.

Balanced Scorecard | Software by Intellia Limited

Balanced Scorecard | Software by Intellia Limited

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Balanced Scorecard Software  

The software is designed to be a business management tool for developing and managing measures and targets for strategic performance management to enable better business management and corporate governance.

Balanced scorecards (BSC) are a useful tool for creating, maintaining and developing clearly measurable business and management systems.

Balanced scorecard data provides relevant, useful and credible information for corporate governance. Corporate governance which is responsible for the business direction and activities of business units, and which administers and maintains the business strategy, can use BSC data to monitor, maintain, and develop aspects of corporate, business, and management strategy.


Management systems are closly aligned to business strategy. This alignment is achieved through linking business strategy to management systems and to measure their performance.

Performance measures that support the mission, strategy, values, goals and targets of the business, company, or corporation can be administered, monitored, and managed, using balanced scorecards.

Balanced scorecards can be modelled to manage an array of performance measures across a range of business interests to support and provide structure to business management systems.

For example, a balanced scorecard may capture performance data for the business interest areas of finance, operations, innovation, marketing and sales.


The software application is useful management tool to help enable the business to administrate strategic performance management systems.

  • design business strategy
  • manage business areas
  • strategic measures
  • performance management
  • journalize goals | targets | actions
  • performance measurement
  • performance reports
  • management reports
  • strategic reports

The software is relevant, usable and user-friendly across multiple levels of the organisation.

  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Management
  • Business Department
  • Business Unit Management
  • Staff | Employees
  • Contractors



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