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Applications Portfolio Auditing | Software    

Applications Portfolio Auditing

Applications Portfolio Auditing | Software

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Applications Portfolio Auditing | Software by Intellia Limited

Applications Portfolio Auditing | Software by Intellia Limited

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Applications Portfolio Auditing Software  

This software is designed to manage the organizations applications portfolio, particularly with the view of auditing it.

A typical applications portfolio for an insurance underwriting business may contain a set of applications comprised of a:

Data Warehouse
Decision Support System
CRM System
Underwriting Suite
Database Management System
Underwriting Rules Database
Underwriting Workstation
Web-based Underwriting System

Applications are segmented into technology classes and categories. For example an underwriters rules database may be Oracle technology and be part of the category strategic information system.

The applications portfolio is applied to the business portfolio and the business services within the business porftolio, ie the internal and external services that are part of the value-chain and the operations of the business.


The software applications in the applications portfolio are used to support specific business operations and services and they are used by specific business entities, like specific staff and customers for instance. The progam is used to identiry and track the business the software applications are being applied to.

Applications portfolio management uses information about each application in use in a business or organization, including the cost to buy or build or develop and maintain the application, the business value produced, the quality of the application, and the expected lifespan of the applications use to the business.

Using this information, the portfolio manager is able to provide detailed reports on the performance of the applications portfolio in relation to the cost to own it and the business value delivered by it. The applications account which is included in the software captures the cost and investment performance aspects of the application software.


New applications may be proposed to the business, just like the existing applications were originally proposed to the business. Application proposals are provided using standards that norm the proposal to the auditing system. Business decisions as to the applications and applications portfolio can then be more easily made through the use of standard comparisons.

The application portfolio review is used to analyze and quantify the state of existing applications to determine whether they are eligible to be retired, developed, or maintained.

Applications portfolio auditing is used to review, evaluate and improve the performance of the applications portfolio, with respect to its business use and business investment decisions.

The software provides for a range of management reports used in applications portfolio tracking and applications portfolio auditing.




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