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Accounting: Journals, Ledgers, Statements | Software    

Accounting: Journals, Ledgers, Statements.

Accounting: Journals, Ledgers, Statements | Software

Main Features:

Sales Journal | Purchases Journal | Cash Receipts Journal | Cash Disbursements Journal | Sales Returns Journal | Petty Cash Journal | Accounts Receivables Ledger | Accounts Payable Ledger | General Ledger | Income Statement | Balance Sheet | Cash Flow Statement | Statement of Retained Earnings | Chart of Accounts.

Accounting: Journals, Ledgers, Statements. | Software by Intellia Limited

Accounting: Journals, Ledgers, Statements. | Software by Intellia Limited

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Accounting: Journals, Ledgers, Statements  

This software is designed to help you manage financial accounting for business.

This program manages the accounting process starting with the source transactions and source data that is being captured in six different accounting journals.

The journal transactions data is then recorded as accounts in the accounts receivables and accounts payable ledgers. The data from the two ledger accounts are then recorded in the general ledger. These processes are essential in order to produce financial statements for business.


The accounting data from the three ledgers is then used to calculate and produce a balance sheet, a cash flow statement, and a statement of retained earnings.

The program allows for easy searching of accounting transactions. The software is also able to produce reports on any account the user specifies.

The program has easy to use data entry interfaces, search functions, print functions, automated reported functions, and customizable reporting functions for excellent usability and user-friendliness.


The software allows you to manage financial accounting:

  • chart of accounts
  • sales journal
  • purchase journal
  • cash receipts journal
  • cash disbursements journal
  • sales returns journal
  • petty cash journal
  • accounts receivable ledger
  • accounts payable ledger
  • general ledger
  • produce balance sheet
  • produce cash flow statement
  • produce statement of retained earnings
  • produce account reports



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