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Accounting: Barter, Pawn, Borrow | Software    

Accounting: Barter Trade, Pawnbroking, Borrowing Items on Loan.

Accounting: Barter Trade, Pawnbroking, Items on Loan | Software

Main Features:

Customer Accounts | Barter Transactions Accounting System | Pawnbroking Transactions Accounting System | Items on Loan Transactions Accounting System | Inventory Accounts | Accounts Reports | Forms and Documents.


Accounting: Barter Trade, Pawnbroking, Items on Loan | Software by Intellia Limited

Accounting: Barter, Pawn, Borrow. | Software by Intellia Limited

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Accounting: Barter Trade, Pawnbroking , Items on Loan Software  

The software is designed to be a three in one accounting program that allows to account for barter transactions, pawn transactions and borrow items-on-loan and loan item return transactions, including customer accounts, inventory management, and business funds accounts.

The program generates account reports for the documentation of and management of the users respective business model. Business models include the barter business, the pawnbroking business, and the items on loan borrowing business.

Barter transactions consist of barter purchase and barter sale transactions. Barter goods are traded at cost value, book value, market value, or estimated value.

Barter transactions are divided into barter purchase and barter sale transations. If the transaction is a barter purchase no gain or loss should be recognized. If the transaction is a barter sale then the cost basis of the goods is compared to the valuation at sale and a gain or loss is recorded.


Pawnbroking transactions consist of a customer pledging property as collateral, and in return, the pawnbroker lends the customer money.

The pawnbroker asses the customers property item and appraises its resale value using value books. If the pawnbroker accepts the item as collateral, issues a money loan to the customer.

The collateral item owned by the pawnbroker can be repurchased by the customer for a fee based on the money loan plus pawnbroking fees; or the customer can allow the item to remain with the pawnbroker to be sold retail and keep the money loaned.

Pawnshop collect pawnbroking fees, such as item stocking or item handling fees, on a monthly basis and interest is charged to the customer based on the loan amount, which is added to the repurchase cost of the collateral item for the customer.


Accounting for item-on-loan borrowing transactions includes an item inventory, an item loan and item loan return register, and customer accounts.

Items loaned to customers need to be returned by a specific date to the lender. Overdue items, late returns incur fees, non-returns incur fines at book value, item loan extensions may incur fees.

An items on loan system accounts for losses to inventory, inventory additions, inventory purchases, inventory sales, and the total value of the inventory.

The total value of accounts from customer reimbursements for lost items or damaged items, customer fines and customer fees are recorded, and added to the borrowing system funds account.

Inventory purchases and inventory sales are added to the borrowing funds account. And monthly funds account transaction reports are produced for administration.




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