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2D Game Design concerns itself with the entertainment value and aesthetic of the game as well as the mathematics and programming logic of the design.

Game design mathematics involves the simulation of motion dynamics and object interactions within the parameterized environment of visual interfaces. The mathematics of games relies heavily on physics, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and the widespread use of the mathematics of square.

There are also non-square methods of game design, like that invented by Al-Jazari, a 13th century persian mathematician and inventor of mechanical devices who also worked on plans for automatons and humanoid robots. Indeed he invented the first programmable robot in the year 1206. Among his many other achievements was the first workable crankshaft. It is likely that Leonardo Da Vinci merely copied Al Jazaris ideas and 'passed them off' as being his own inventions in the 15th century.

The Al-Jazari technique of programming does not use any scripting language, or the usual development model of program, compile, run, model of game design. The Al-Jazari automaton entailed "live-coding" where interactive live manipulation of the automaton or in this instance game, programs the automatons future behaviour.

The game is coded 'live' and that live coding becomes the script. The tradional method is to write a program scipt that then becomes the game and game play action, - The Al Jazari technique reverses this process.



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2D Game Design

We provide a range of off-the-shelf and custom-designed '2D Games' for sale, that were either adapted, designed and or programmed by us at Intellia Ltd. We can also custom-program games, and custom-style existing games , to suit your requirements, provided they are 2D Games.

We can manage game development from idea to design and work in close collaboration with our customers to determine optimum game solutions to suit the clients needs.

2D games are an entertainment feature that can be used to promote a clients business. Talk to us about our custom game design services and how games can drive forward your brand.

Depending on your needs we can build cross-platform games, single player games, multi player games, and game chats.

We can offer a comprehensive range of games by genre.

Intellia's 2-D games are characterized by their ease of use. The games are authored in Flash, and are available as desktop programs, and web applications that can be placed on your website to play the game over your webpages on the internet.

Each game can be customized to include graphics and game elements that promote your business through inbuilt advertising features, game styling and visual themes that we can design to suit your needs, in consultation with your business or organization.


2D Game Development

2D Game Development


2D Game Design

Game design applies various types of mathematics to program the code for a fully functioning and convincingly good game that one can play in form of the game software which performs well and is entertaining to the user. An understanding of game programming mathematics would include:

These mathematics must be expressed in a suitable games programming language. The game programmer needs to compose and compile all the behaviours and game elements in a programming language that suits the game being programmed and the users that will use the game software.

The is the software development management decisions as to what game development environment to use as the software to program the game on.

The choice as to what devices, operating systems, platforms the users will be able to access and use the game software on.

To design a software game the media and content of the game needs to be decided on, desgned and produced.

Game design might include special features, and standard features for multiplayer games such as a games chat feature to allow multiple players to communicate with each other online throughout the game.

The game software wll be deployed to provide user access, whether online in real-time, as a download version to be installed on the users machine, or via some other deployment mechanism. For software that is played by multiple users online, the game design must implementable on multiuser servers.

The software that has been build according to the game design is then implemented and installed for usability and quality assurance testing.

The outcomes of these processes should lead to fixing bugs and making improvements in the game software until the software is ready to be available for a software release, where the software is made available to the client, user(s), or for commercial sale.