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Writer: David Merritt
  eBook:"Geek Prayers"     Author: David Merritt
        Genre: Computer Poetry

Webpage: David Merritt LRFPress   Geek Prayers:   Preview Slides  

"Geek Prayers", David Merritt (2010); eBook, 32 pages, Computer Poems, with 29 Poems and 29 Illustrations.

ISBN 978-0-9922541-4-5

eBook by David Merritt |
Price NZD $3.95

CD Title: "Noise Mangamahu"   Author Biography:      
"Noise Mangamahu"
Rural Nature Sounds on CD

David Merritt's environmental sound recordings from around Mangamahu, which is a very small rural settlement New Zealand.

CD by David Merritt | Price NZD $ 14.95

Author: David Merritt (2010)

David has written hundreds of poems, many of which he has self-published in the form of self-made booklets, made of recycled materials and printed paper pages of his poetry.

  He has been a University lecturer were he taught English and later I.T. David Merritt wrote a textbook, "The New Zealand Internet Guide for Dummies."

David lives on a farm in Mangamahu, where he likes to repair old Land Rovers, grow organic food, and work on his next series of poems, observations and stories for another booklet.

Copies of his hardcover recycled booklets can be purchased on enquiry.


Photography by Stefan Reucker  -  dargaville baylys beach (2013)  

eBook: "Notes from the Margins" Author: David Merritt

      Genre: New Zealand Poetry

Notes from the Margins:

"Notes from the Margins", New Zealand poetry, is a compilation of selected writings (1990 - 2008) written by David Merritt. The ebook contains 43 selected poems that were written from 1990 to 2008. This ebook is 83-pages long, and is illustrated with 50 full-page photos."

ISBN 978-0-9922541-5-5

Read a sample poem >>

eBook by David Merritt | Price NZD $ 5.95

Notes from the Margins
Selected Writings 1990 - 2008
  • Nice things that could happen in our Lifetimes
  • Mission Statement #318
  • Pause that Refreshes
  • Transparency
  • These are the things that you mean to me, but there is no blame because these are the things that I am not.
  • Brand
  • Bigger Picture
  • Leah's Dream
  • New Dog
  • Marketplace
  • Lonely Man / Dinner / Stood Up
  • Visitor Leaves Town with Empty Soul
  • Tepid Pool
  • Home
  • Black Dog
  • Seventh Day
  • Spotting the Facile
  • Nice Neck where the Necklace Goes
  • The Locks have been changed and the Police have been called
  • Lots can happen in 50kms
  • This is a time of a Mess #12
  • This is a time of Mess #15
  • This is a time of Mess #27
  • Watching Things Fly Apart
  • First Friday in Fifteen
  • A Bakers Observational Dozen
  • Machine Shop
  • Rural Interlude
  • I am Inorganic
  • Determination
  • Retrospective
  • Big Band Jazz Night / Home
  • Romance / Wet Blade Shave
  • Motherly Advice #11285
  • A Poetry Aside
  • I just have to laugh
  • Speed of Sound Request
  • Bad Fitting
  • Sleeping Friends
  • The Optimist in me Surveys a Pile of Stuff
  • Morning Tea Poem #3
  • Morning Tea Poem #33 Imminent Couple


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